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Attic insulation damaged by infestation by infestation of rodents or by water from a leaky roof requires removal to prevent further contamination in the home. Wet insulation can cause mold. The process of removing insulation starts our team creating a tunnel made by plastic that carefully seals the living space leading to attic access, preventing contamination. We put paper on the floors to prevent unnecessary marks or damages. Inside the tunnel we run the tube of the extremely strong and powerful vacuum machine that stays outside the house. Inside the attic the crew carefully removes all of the insulation, placing it in in special insulation removal bags and disposes of it properly. This process can take up to four hours for an attic space of approximately 1000 sq ft.

Although customers do not need to leave the house, it is recommended to do so because this process can be noisy.

We use DSV which stands for disinfectant, sanitation, virucide. This is antimicrobial disinfectant used on floor joists and attic floors. DSV is a broad spectrum disinfectant, sanitizer, virucide, mildewstat, fungicide product, all in one package. It kills 31 strains of bacteria and 19 different viruses. This multipurpose solution used against disease-causing bacteria and is highly effective for sanitation.

We install two different typed of insulation described below, Banket: batts, and rolls. This is insulation that comes in two different types of materials including fiberglass, or minerals (Rock Wool or Denim). It is either 16 or 24 inches wide. It is fitted between studs, joists and beams in unfinished walls, attics and/or craw spaces. Blown-in and loose-fill insulation. This type of insulation comes as either cellulose or fiberglass. We apply this insulation only in the attic. Before installing blown-in insulation in the attic, we cap all recessed lighting and install baffles next to soffit vents which prevent them from becoming obstructed by insulation and helps reduce wind washing by directing air flow away from the insulation.

For all insulation needs we use sustainable insulation by CertainTeed (except cellulose insulation). For cellulose insulation we use Greenfiber, which is an economical blend of recycled newspaper that has been treated for harsh climates.

Michael D.

03/18/2019 via Google


I was referred to Advanced Attic Solutions through my neighbor for attic cleaning and insulation replacement. From A to Z it was a great experience!! 1st of all their customer service is immediately. The crew was very professional and knowledgeable and they guide us through the entire process. The day was exactly as Leo said, a crew of 4 guys arrived in the morning and quickly cover the house with plastic covers and started the job. By the end of the day my attic was completely restore and I felt the difference as they left my house. if you are looking for a contractor the Advanced Attic Solutions Will be your best choice. Highly recommend!!!

Andranik H.

08/02/2019 via Google


I'd like to start off by saying that this group of individuals is very professional, meticulous, and hardworking. Their customer service was amazing, and they kept us very happy. I hired them because I had a problem with my air conditioning, and in that process realized I had to install attic insulation as well. They cleaned and sanitized the attic, and nicely installed the insulation. Plus, as I was looking for someone to install a new air conditioning system, they offered that service to me as well, at a very reasonable price. In conclusion, I'm very happy with the service they provided and I definitely recommend them.

Anna T.

11/28/2018 via Google


Kept hearing rodents in my attic so I called a few companies surrounding my area.. they stood out to me the most because of their organized detailed estimate and great customer service. They were very helpful over the phone and when the estimator came out to measure everything and give input on what work needs to be done, he was very detail oriented and specific, as well as respectful. The work they provided was A++++, I would recommend them to anyone. Thank you Advanced Attic Solutions, you did wonders in my now clean/sanitized attic!! 1


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