We are committed to improving our client’s everyday lives by simply balancing and adjusting their homes indoor air while reducing energy, and saving energy along the way. During the warm summer months, your living space no longer needs to feel as if your outdoors. Winter does not need to feel like it’s a blizzard either. Advanced Attic Solution will make sure the air quality and temperature are comfortable throughout the year, and making sure your HVAC unit is not overworking. Our specialist has the experience, knowledge, and skill to help you find cost-effective solutions so you can enjoy your home again.

Your attic space is most liking serving storage space purposes that can lead to an overwhelming mess. Items that could not fit into the garage such as boxes, clutter, and junk have been placed in this empty crawl space. Over time, dirt and dust will swarm and collect all over your belongings leaving a big surprise when you find yourself needed to grab an old book or photo album.

Rodent Problem

Animal infestation is a common problem in attics. If you’re constantly hearing strange noises up above or lots of rattling sounds, droppings, and wires that seem to be broken, you have unwanted guests. This is not a DIY job, this is the work for professionals to take care of. A professional cleaning in your attic will also fumigate, make any repairs needed, seal, and fix or replace broken insulation.

Too many boxes to lift

We’ll do all the work for your starting with the heavy lifting. Large, and heavy boxes can be a challenge to move out when covered in spider webs and dust. Don’t take the chance of something dropping or risk hurting yourself in the process. A professional attic cleaning will take the burden off your shoulders by doing all the hard work so you rest assured that your valuables are being carefully handled.

Damaged Walls

As the years go by, general wear and tear can lead to cracks and holes in the walls and corners of your attic. This might seemingly sound harmless but these small cracks are the openings that allow unwanted air from outdoors and increase your energy bills.

Contaminated Insulation

With a professional attic clean, we can remove any contaminated insulation, and replace it with brand new insulation. Newer, higher quality insulation for your attic can help relieve the ever changing indoor temperatues, block heat, and prevent pests from infesting your home.

Reduce Energy Bill

During the summer months, warm will will enter as your air conditioning works overtime to keep your home cool. While we’re up here, our team can assess what needs sealing to keep your air quality under control.