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Month: June 2020

Insulating High Ceiling Homes

We all love the look of vaulted or cathedral ceilings, they soar about ten to twelve ft high adding elegance with additional space above. The look and appeal of high ceilings make the room look bigger and brighter while making high traffic areas feel less busy. Not only can they expand your home decor options, but they can also increase the value of your home too. The grandness that comes with high ceilings is also met went a downside: they make controlling the climate a challenge compared to the standard nine feet ceiling height. This is where insulation comes...

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Summer is upon us, and if you live in Southern California and not right by the beach, you know you’ll probably be using your air conditioning system consistently for the next few months. High energy bills are something we’ve all been very familiar with. Perhaps it even leads you not to use your HVAC system and just suffer, to save money. Have you ever noticed that one room in the house never cools down, while another is too cold to stay in? This is a sign that your house might not be properly insulated – and air, whether cool...

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