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Month: October 2019

Bolster Your Home’s Energy Efficiency: Attic Insulation

Not all houses are created equally. They’re not all built in the same climate, use the same building materials, or even have the same style. Some are decked out with a basement and an attic. Others are just single story starters for newlyweds trying to build their credit with their homeownership skills. Whatever your house does or doesn’t have, however, there’s one thing that should be in all homes: insulation. Granted, when the house was built, it had to meet certain codes dictated by the local zoning board. These regulations are in place for safety as well as comfort....

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Fun And Helpful Facts About Insulation

Insulation is just about the absolute last thing you will ever think about when it comes to the function and efficiency of your house. But it shouldn’t be. There’s a lot at stake where insulation is involved. For instance, did you know that proper insulation saves air from escaping your house and running rampant in the wild? Well, it does. Here are a few more fun facts discussed about the most interesting home investment topic: insulation. What Matters About Insulation? Well, if it’s time to replace your insulation, or you’re building from the ground up and need to make...

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Different Types of Insulation

Insulation plays an important role in your home. It’s responsible for helping keep the perfect temperature air inside and the uncontrollable weather outside. Proper insulation also helps lower the energy bills as well as how hard your HVAC unit has to run. Properly insulating your attic reduces heating and cooling costs by about $600 a year. It’s certainly not the most glamorous of home investments to make, nor are the choices anything that’ll really set your soul on fire with excitement. But it’s necessary to improving the function of your house and saving you money in the long run....

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Hemp Insulation: Going Green In A Bold New Way

At the end of 2018 it seemed possible that hell had in fact frozen over when the Conservative-led Senate took Hemp off of being a schedule 1 drug, and legalized it for the purposes of boosting the farmer’s economy. There’s been an interesting sort of backlash/reaction from this, one being in the decriminalization of marijuana in some states because discerning between hemp and marijuana since hemp, however, is not marijuana.  Hemp is a really close cousin to Miss Mary Jane, but the two are different; though they both be cannabis plants, hemp lacks the psychoactive THC that “gets you...

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