Not all houses are created equally. They’re not all built in the same climate, use the same building materials, or even have the same style. Some are decked out with a basement and an attic. Others are just single story starters for newlyweds trying to build their credit with their homeownership skills. Whatever your house does or doesn’t have, however, there’s one thing that should be in all homes: insulation.

Granted, when the house was built, it had to meet certain codes dictated by the local zoning board. These regulations are in place for safety as well as comfort. Things like weather patterns and terrain greatly affect how a home is built and determine the standards for which it needs to meet. The climate for your region sets the basis for insulation requirements. After all, it is going to have to weather the weather for years and years to come. Let’s look at a few reasons why insulation is so important to you and your home.

Energy Efficiency
First and foremost, insulation helps lower the cost of heating and cooling your home. The better your insulation, the lower your bills will be. While the walls of your house should be adequately insulated as they were built, your attic’s insulation could be lacking. Maybe you’ve had a problem with mice or rats getting in the insulation and depleting its power by tearing bits of it out to build their nests for the winter. Or, maybe the attic was left unfinished. Either way, it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on your attic insulation and upgrade it as necessary. Otherwise, your HVAC system will be working overtime, costing you money you could be saving.

Temperature Control
Insulation at its core helps moderate the overall temperature of your house. If your attic happens to be untreated, you are losing – wait for it – 25% of your heat and air! That’s 25% of what you spend heating or cooling your house just wasted. Not only does insulation help keep the hot or cold air in, but it also helps keep the weather out. In sunnier, warmer climates like Southern California reflective insulation is an added bonus that keeps the heat at bay because it reflects the heat away from your house.

Sound Proofing
This is more of a residual side effect, but one no homeowner would complain about: sound proofing. Granted, it’s not going to suddenly turn your house into a recording studio blocking out all the sound, but it does help to dampen outside noise. This is particularly wonderful when it comes to nocturnal creatures who try to disturb your precious sleep. The thicker your insulation, the better the noise control.

More Comfortable Living
If you’re considering converting your attic into a kids playroom or home office, then insulation in your attic is a must. Without it, it will be an unbearable room to be in for extended periods of time, and all that money and effort will go to waste. Some insulations, like hemp, can even help control moisture, which is vital if you’re using your attic for storage. In the end, there is zero drawback to adding or updating your home’s insulation.